Classical Homeopathy

An educational experience considering all things about classical homeopathy. Think about it. Write about it. Do it...
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~400 pages currently..


Principles, processes and general medical philosophy.


The people who were and their countries then and now. FDA, HPUS and HPCUS.

First aid and acute illness

Some quick guides for acute problems.

The case

Taking the case, analyzing the case and watching out for legal problems.


What it is, Kent's repertory structure, use of the tally sheet, styles of prescribing.

Materia medica

The study of remedies and how to make them.

Case management

The first dose, figuring out what happened, the next dose, and some special topics.

Non-classical topics

Therapies often combined with classical homeopathy.


People, book lists, magazines, web sites, businesses, professional associations.

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