Norwegian and Swedish homeopathy

In Norway there are no limitations or demands. Anyone can do anything! You just have to keep yourself within a special law called the "quack-salver-law" which  says that no one but proper health personnel such as an MD is allowed to treat severe diseases such as diabetes, cancer, tuberculosis, epilepsy, etc. This law is similar to Sweden but could cover different specific illnesses. You are allowed to treat patients who have these illnesses, but not to claim to treat the illness itself. Nor is one allowed to treat a patient without having had a personal consultation. In Sweden there is also a ban on treating any child under 8 years of age. This law is quite short, half an regular page or less.  

There are two homeopathic schools in Norway and two in Sweden.

In Norway the new prime-minister elected back in 1997 openly went to the press telling about how when the medical establishment couldn't help him and he was cured by homeopathy.

In Norway, there is one organization of classical homeopathy and another for all alternative medicines. The homeopaths uphold good professional standards for acceptance which is driving development in this field. Sweden doesn't have as much respect for the art.

Remedies in Norway are sold via the pharmacies which are privately owned but strictly centrally controlled which does and some professionalism to the dispensing procedure. A prescription is not needed for any potency. Few pharmacies stock remedies, but they all have to supply them, and can get anything within 24 hours. The central supply is good. If they don't have a remedy you want, they'll order it, from Helios, German or French sources, etc. They keep in good contact with the homeopathic community to know what is needed and what is good. 

In the main pharmacy in Oslo they even stock a basic supply of LM's. And when you buy homeopathic remedies in these pharmacies you are always served with a friendly smile, which seldom happens when you buy other medicines! In Sweden, the health-food shops and individual homeopaths sell remedies, and there is less of a standard procedure with more problems for the public.

Oddly enough Sweden has one older manufacturer of homeopathic medicines, DCG, and several newer ones, whereas Norway imports all their remedies.

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